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Millennials behave differently. They are known for not buying a home, they don't have the desire of owning a car. What matters to them is the desire for creating an impact, live movie-like experiences and of course, share them. But all of these you already kind of knew. It was sort of, obvious to you.

We need to dig deeper to understand how can banks and fintech can provide an experience to them.

Let’s take a look at some key personality bias millennials share and some that they don’t share:

What millennials have in common

The desire to live a meaningful life, make an impact, the exclusive use of mobile apps over desktop and they are afraid of taking risky money decisions. The fear of losing is higher than the desire of winning.

What millennials don't have in common

Not all of them are gadget gurus, not all of them are vegan and not all of them love Nike. You should stop putting Nike or Adidas all around the UX Personas.



A better design also means that users are targeted right. Building an app with great UI and well-developed wins in the short term but is not enough for the long run.

For millennials, user experience is very important but they don't care about an app with great UI while not responding right to their motivation and frustrations. We need to understand the motivations and pains of the users and then think of ways you can help them. That's why we go deeper to understand the problems.

Some points to consider about millennials:

Context matters. All millennials may share values among them but the reality is not the same in North America, Europe, or EMEA. We follow different paths and culture is still a big thing. A solution in Spain might work differently in Colombia, Quebec, or Finland.

Living with your parents does matters. Money decisions change if someone needs to face duties.

No surprises matters. Millennials want to find a brand they can trust. A bank can be that brand. Not providing flat rates services is not an option.


About UX Personas

Personas are archetypes of users and we use them (we as in product team) as an exercise of empathy with the target user. Personas are highlights of a group of users, it is a way to make memorable and digestible the research information so it is implemented during the design process.

Where to use personas 

  • Define compelling user flow
  • Set the tone of voice - UX writing
  • Archetypes for all types of Workshops: marketi✅✅✅✅✅ng, business or problem-solving related
  • Guide to establish metrics to measure success and avoid vanity metrics.
  • ✅✅✅Create MVPs to test all of the above ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

✅Start with research

I don't want to talk much about how to create Personas because there are a lot of articles out there that explain it very well and with lots of details.

I only want to give a piece of advice before you start: Define the goal for your exercise. What are you trying to achieve? A purpose can be "understand how users behave under monetary stress conditions".

This goal will lead to analyze your current customer information looking for truffles. To achieve this, shape the information in a way that you can analyze it to identify patterns.

The more the pattern appears the most obvious it becomes that a group of people is sharing the same motivation or pain.

Don’t ask yourself what your customers buy or what other apps they use. You have seen some patterns so you probably have some hypotheses in your mind. Ask directly to your clients. Creating a user persona is not an excuse to avoid talking to actual users.



Hi, I'm Pablo, a UX Strategy—Product Designer living in Barcelona. I facilitate Design Sprints and workshops. 

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