Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a collaborative methodology to condense months of work to ideate and test a solution with users in just 4 days.

The best way to save you time and validate the right direction for your product.

It usually takes months before a product team has a tangible solution. The reality is that a product team find it hard to align on business goals, they spend too much time building a solution that has not been validated yet and often get frustrated when no one can see results.

The intense Design Sprint turns a vicious circle into a virtous circle:



Define the challenge.

Produce a lot of solutions in short time.



Refine and vote best solutions.

Define the prototype with a storyboard.


Design and build a prototype.

Recruit and schedule user tests.


Test the prototype with 5 users.

Use feedback to create clear next steps.

What do you get?

The outcome of the Design Sprint is a hi-fi prototype of the solution that has been tested along with the insights of the users and the recommended next steps.

How the Next Steps look like?

After the Design Sprint you will have a clear direction on what to do next. You may use an iteration sprint to polish the idea, refine the prototype and use it to pitch the solution to fund it. 

Looking for innovation but don’t know how to start?

The Design Sprint is great for starting. It sets the foundation of a great product, marketing campaign or killing feature. Our team will help you define a strategy to reach product-market-fit in the shortest period of time.

How does the Remote Sprint look like?

We have adapted the design sprint for remote teams. It also works in case of epidemic. We will jump on the digital stage using collaborative tools. You just need a webcam and internet access.

Not sure if the Design Sprint is right for you and your team?

Try a  30 min Demo Workshop with us and your team.

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