This is a collection of Branding and Naming projects I've led over the years


Aula Magna

Concept proposal for Elisava's online video channel. As the oldest school of design in Barcelona, ithas a tremendous amount of footage of lectures of any kind of very pretigious designers. To make that content available in one place we came up with the proposal of "Aula Magna" (great hall) that has the same meaning in Spanish and Catalan.


Mi mar

Naming for cometics brand. This cosmetic is made of mediterranean mud with citrons to take care of your skin. "Mi" stands for "My" and "Mar" means "Sea". The word "Mimar" means "To spoil". A spanish speaker will read "My sea" as well as "To spoil".



Naming for the retail industry. This is an application meant to be used by assistants in a shop to help them do their work as fast as possible. After studying different posibilities the option chossen was ASAPP wich means Assistant Sales Application and basically help to speed up a shop assistant work.


Ergo Ipsum

I create a website called Ergo Ipsum to generate lorem ipsum text based on the predictive text funcitonality of your smartphone. I joint the ideas of Ergo Ipsum and "Cogito ergo sum" to create a fun name that could help clarify the functionality of the website.



Name for an application to discover Barceona by time based on local activities. View project