I'm not going to save the world but I want to shape it.


My name is Pablo Serrano, on the internet, I am except on Twitter. Someone got that name first and you can find me there as @pabloserrago.

I design digital interfaces and I conceptualize products. I usually work on a product from the first sketches to the final retouches. I also help to build them writing the front-end code.

When I am not designing you can find me learning a new language -whether it is a visual, code or spoken-, traveling or painting.

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UX / UI product designer and art director with 6+ years experience. BSc in Publicity and Master in Design and Communication.

Analytical thinking, problem-solving, learning ability, creative reasoning, curiosity and attention to detail are among the skills that define me.

Skilled in different technologies, focused on understanding business, technology, and user experience.

Always looking for new challenges.

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  • 1W4US everis 2015


  • Adobe Design Awards 2014


  • RendibĂș 2006


    • Exhibitions

  • Emociones en silencio

    Museum of Latin American Art MoLAA. Long Beach. 2013.

    MoMA. New York. 26-28 October 2012.

    Cendeac. Murcia. 2011.

    • Publications

  • Emociones en silencio

    Cendeac. La Arrixaca. 2011.

  • Calendar illustration

    Yorokobu. 2014.

    • Lectures

  • Art Direction for Start-ups

    ELISAVA. Barcelona. 2016-Present.

  • City Lab Barcelona (video)

    As part of everis. ELISAVA. Barcelona. 2015.

  • How to effective showcase

    Faculty of Medecine. University of Murcia. Murcia. 2013-Present.