I am an art director and product designer currently living in Barcelona. 
I love when innovation and technology meets craft tradition and the little monsters that live inside my head

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Each sentence stands for a song. Listen to the entire playlist to feel my manifest. Because working should sound like having a blast

1. I like to innovate and take the initiative
2. I love to work within a team
3. I don't like to be involved in 3.000 projects at the same time. I prefer to work in details
4. I don't feel confortable with squared-heads
5. Investigation and reports are important. I don't like to makeup reports to convenience

6. I like to change the team as I change from one project to another
7. I feel confortable within international teams and projects
8. I believe it is great to put your own personal point of view into the graphic execution
9. Bass is the best instrument of the world
10. I preffer small corporations with big ambitions than big corporations with small ambitions